When home is where you want to be, a Helping Hand is what you need.
After our father passed away, we knew things would be difficult for Mom, living on her own after over 50 years of marriage.  We all offered to have Mom come live with us, but she wanted to stay in the home she'd shared with Dad for 15 years.  They'd lived in a continuing-care community, and had a network both within the community, and in the city where they lived: the church, volunteering at the library and in the local schools.  After a year or so, we noticed things were getting more difficult for Mom as her memory declined and we began to worry about how she could stay in her home without one of us moving across country to live nearby or even with her.  When we found Helping Hands, it was exactly what we needed: Mom could stay in her home, and get the help she needed with shopping, cooking, and personal care, and at a rate we could afford because Helping Hands aides who live in don't charge for hourly care.  But Mom also got companionship and more important, consistent care by people who knew her, since the Helping Hands aides are the same two aides, rotating on a consistent schedule.  Because of this consistency, the Helping Hands aides know Mom, and know her habits and behaviors, so when she seems to be acting in a manner that "isn't herself," they can respond instantly, alerting her doctors; we've actually caught several conditions that could ultimately have been life-threatening in this way.  As Mom has aged in place, and her memory issues have increased, she can stay in her home, maintaining her habits and routines, preserving her quality of life.  H. Ingerson, California
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Being cared for in my own home be Helping Hands was a very positive experience.  S. Freestate, Easton, MD
I have used Helping Hands on two different occassions to care for both my mother and mother-in-law. All of the caregivers involved were skilled, Professional and truly cared about their clients.  R Shanahan, RN,  Easton, MD
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